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How To Tell Your Friend Their Resume Sucks?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

According to the largest professional resume writing company in Arizona (DoMyResume.NET), 91% of Hiring Managers say 8 out of 10 resumes they review, are disappointing!

Eight out of ten resumes get thrown in the trash, all because their resume was never professionally written! Your resume is the gateway to landing the interview and ultimately landing the job.

Arizona Best Resume Companies

Top Issues With Resumes:

  • Is not keyword optimized

  • Is not written at the professional level

  • Is not ATS optimized

  • Lacks proper keywords

  • Lacks proper search phrases

  • Poorly designed layout

  • Missing metrics

  • Is not accomplished focused

When reviewing your friends resume, the first thing to inspect is if their resume looks good enough to inspire a hiring manager to pick up the phone. Is their resume passing the 3-6 second test? Or does it inspire the Hiring Manager to roll the resume into a nice little ball, and yell ‘LeBron James!’ as they aim for the trash can?

How To Spot A Poorly Written Resume?

There are multiple reasons why recruiters, or even ATS systems, might consider a resume utterly unfit for the job vacancy, and here we will only list a couple of the most common reasons resumes get thrown in the trash. If your friend’s resume has:

  • A Career Objective listed

  • No Search Engine Optimized “Career Summary” written

  • A photo attached

  • Any graphs, charts, or other visuals

  • Lack of proper “Core Competencies” listed

  • More than two fonts

  • Various font sizes

  • Missing metrics/numbers

  • The wrong file type (other than .docx or .pdf)

  • A lack of keywords and search phrases

… then their resume probably sucks and is the main reason why they’re not getting called in for an interviews.

How To Kindly Tell Your Friend Their Resume Sucks?

The first thing to do is determine how to properly advise your friend their resume is horrible. Acknowledging the problem is always the first step to solving it. You can try with: “Friend, have you consulted with a certified professional resume writing service in Phoenix AZ?” The simplest of solutions usually work the best.

Speaking of simple solutions, now that we’ve acknowledged that the resume is the problem, it’s time to fix it. The best advice would be to talk to an expert, someone who’s been writing resumes for a long time, and knows exactly what the hiring managers are looking for, and what they’re *not* looking for on a resume. If you hire a professional resume writing company, you can expect a well-written resume which will pass any ATS system’s filters, and stand out from the competition.

As a side-effect, you will learn a lot about writing a tailored, professionally-looking resume which will surely be of much use in your future job seeking endeavors.

Give Your Friends Resume To A Top-rated Professional Resume Service

But perhaps the best of all is the fact that a professional resume writing company will rarely stop its work with just a resume, even though the name might imply otherwise. Such companies can take you through the entire job seeking process, helping you along the way. They can also help with writing a cover letter, or the letter of intent, a curriculum vitae, in case it’s needed instead (or besides) the resume, and a thank you letter, once the job seeking is done.

A resume service that helps optimize your LinkedIn profile for the job search is usually included within the expertise of a resume agency. We’ve heard, countless times, how both job seekers and employers tend to go online, mostly on LinkedIn, to research a potential employee, or look for a new place to work. Some people would even refer to the LinkedIn profile as the digital arm of the resume, highlighting just how important it is in the job seeking process.

After being invited for an interview, a resume writing company will also prepare you for the event. Everything will be discussed, from the clothing and the style to leave the best impressions, to non-verbal communication such as body language, to avoiding lame and vague answers to some key questions.

Don't Gamble With Your Resume

Looking for a new job is a hard and time-consuming process, but it can become that much easier with the help of a professional whose living is made by helping others get jobs. Such an investment is lifelong and should not be neglected. If your friends can’t write a solid resume if their life depended on them, help them by hitting them with the truth, and them hooking them up with someone who knows what they’re doing.

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