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Does a Targeted Resume Yeild More Interviews Than a General Resume?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Even if you don’t perceive it as such, a resume is one of the more important documents you’ll ever have in your life! As such, it deserves attention and putting enough effort to present yourself in the best possible way. The math is simple - if your resume doesn’t look good, then you don’t look good.

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It’s an unwritten rule that using a targeted resume produces better results for interviews. That is especially the case if you are applying for more than one position. You should always try to avoid the pitfalls of having a common, one-size-fits-all resume. Why does a targeted resume yield better results than a generalized resume? Having a resume with too much general and irrelevant information that doesn’t really fit the job requirements is a waste of your time and a missed opportunity. It is best to tailor your resume for each job application. For that, hiring a professional resume writing service is always a winner. It may require some extra effort, but it will most certainly be worth it.

Why having a targeted resume produces more interviews for specific jobs:

Unrelated to the job you’re applying for, your resume needs to be focused and emphasize skills and experience that fit the job requirements. Naturally, a general resume can only do so much so you should make it more detailed and relevant. Still, there are certain things to avoid as having unnecessary details that don’t have any positive results. Aligning your resume with the job description is the trick, but it has to emphasize the right information. If this sounds like tricky work, it’s because it is, most of the time. Just remember - top professional writing help in Phoenix AZ is always at your disposal.

professional resume writers in AZ

Having a specific resume brings you the attention of the hiring manager. While general information may eventually be helpful in the hiring process, it’s the targeted information that will impress the employer. In order to score the interview, your skills and experience need to be highly relevant for a particular job. A specific resume attends to a specific situation. It emphasizes your strengths and accomplishments and responds better with employers who feel they can better correlate with you.

What is a targeted resume?

Emphasizing means using specific keywords that are being focused on and targeted to. These keywords point out if the candidate is qualified for the given position. Since the screening process is done increasingly by computer programs, these can only identify exact word matches. Thus, having a specific, tailored resume is a must in order to give yourself a chance. Otherwise, you may not pass the first software screening stage, even if you are a highly qualified candidate.

It stands to reason that jobs with higher salary demand more specific resume in order to stand out. This means making an extra effort to customize your resume into the most effective one. For instance, if you are seeking a career in the government, you need to be precise what information to put in a federal resume and what to leave out of your federal resume. USAJOBS, an official website of the US government, strongly advises to tailor your resume to specific positions. This will ensure that you don’t get lost in a sea of applicants without proper keywords. Government and high paying jobs require additional, detailed information on your experience and expertise. This means specific layout, more time and effort to present yourself.

The reason job seekers are turning to expert resume counselors and resume consultants in Phoenix AZ is because job seekers get better results for interviews. Best option is to leave it to a professional resume writer and maximize your chances of getting an interview.

Situations where using a general resume is fine:

Even with all the advantages of a specific resume, there are situations where using a general resume is fine. These mostly pertain to related jobs and lower paying jobs that require basic skill-sets. Some jobs like sales and marketing go somewhat hand-in-hand, enabling you to cover multiple areas with one resume. This saves time and effort, but the resume still needs to be well written and fit the job description.

Today's job market is becoming highly competitive and a resume is almost useless unless it's written professionally. It’s even more effective if it’s written solely for a specific employment opportunity. You should customize your resume for each position, more so if you are considering different jobs. Emphasizing individual accomplishments, skills, strengths and experience is what promotes you to be the right choice.

A professionally written resume can make all the difference and get you in the interview chair.

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