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Top Resume Writing Service for Construction Professionals in Arizona

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

You might think that it is hard for a professional resume writing service to craft a compelling resume for the construction industry because the industry itself is so specific. You might think you need a lot of insider information about the industry in order to be able to write the perfect resume, and you’d be right. That is exactly why you need a resume writer – they understand the industry, and know it inside-out. After all, it is their job to know.

Phoenix AZ local resume professionals

They will also interview every candidate to understand which skills they have that the company they’re applying for will find invaluable. Then, they will transform that information into the best professional construction resume in AZ. And finally, they are aware of the power of social media and will leverage it for their client’s maximum benefit.

Which positions could use a professional writer’s help

There isn’t a single position within the construction industry which couldn’t use the help of a professional resume writing service. For the sake of argument, we will list some of the best and highest-paying positions in Arizona. By investing in a professional construction resume writing service in Phoenix Arizona, you can get a huge return on investment. After all, having an awesome resume will increase your chances of getting a job, significantly.

The best paid position, according to Indeed, is the inspection manager, earning anywhere between $68,994 - $96,970 a year. Project managers, vice presidents of operations, and construction estimators are close behind. Quality control managers, procurement managers, construction superintendents and commissioning managers are all high-paid construction jobs in Arizona.

What professional resume writing services in Arizona helps construction professionals

DoMyResume.NET writes for hundreds of resumes for professionals in the construction field. If you’re in any of the following positions within the construction industry, but not limited to, you should seek professional resume writing assistance:

Long resumes will not eliminate you

When writing a great construction resume in Arizona, there are things that are eliminatory, and things that are just considered to be eliminatory, but really aren’t. For example – resume length. Many job hunters believe having ‘too long’ of a resume will render them invalid for the position, so they butcher their resume to shrink it to a ‘acceptable’ size. Even though they might think this is helping – it is in fact just hurting them. Construction jobs are specific, and often require extra education or various clearances. Don’t be afraid if your resume goes beyond two pages, especially if you’re listing all the construction projects you’ve worked on.

Focus on industry-specific keywords

Another important element to consider are keywords. Construction companies get plenty of resumes daily, so there is a fairly good chance they’ve employed an ATS – the applicant tracking system. The software scans incoming resumes, and creates a database of all the relevant ones. It decides who is relevant, and who isn’t, by keywords that were found in the resume. That is why you need to make sure all the proper search phrases that the hiring manager might look for are found in your resume. Also, make sure those keywords are results-oriented, because that’s what the company will be looking for.

A couple of examples of proper keywords are:

Creative troubleshooting ability, effective problem-solving, project status reports, operations analysis, efficient resource usage, work inspection, construction procedure, work schedules, blue prints, etc.

List your construction accomplishments

Don’t forget to list your accomplishments! The construction industry is very results-oriented. Either something’s been built, or it wasn’t. If it was, and you participated, make sure to list it, especially if it is a large, or expensive project. If it was abroad, under particular weather conditions, or challenging in any other way, make sure to let your future employers know.

This is also a great place to incorporate a couple of keywords that can push you through the ATS, like: completed a project, built a pipeline, repaired a malfunction, managed a multi-million-dollar project.

Highlight your construction project success stories on your resume

There are many advantages to hiring the best professional resume writing service for construction professionals to write your resume, but if we are to sum it in just a couple of words, it would probably be that they can highlight your success stories better then you can.

They know the industry to the tiniest odd details. They will listen to you, go through your education and job history and find those highlights that your potential employer might consider amazing.

As professional writers, they will know how to summarize it all into a single, coherent unit. They won’t butcher your resume just to fit some crazy standards, and will know what needs to be done to pass the ATS. And finally, they will leverage the power of social media to present you as the ultimate candidate for your desired position.

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