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Professional Resume Services for Oil, Gas, Wind, Solar, Energy Industries

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Opening up any news portal, on any given day, chances are you’ll stumble upon a news piece saying oil prices are either plummeting or they’re ‘highest they’ve ever been’. At the same time, you’ll probably hear more news how a complete country fully switched from coal and natural gas to renewable energy sources.

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World’s biggest topic

Energy consumption is currently the world’s biggest topic – arguably bigger than every war, or any global economic crisis. A recent study by Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) and the Semiconductor Research (SR) claims that by 2040, computers alone will be spending more energy than what the world creates at the moment.

Also, due to excessive coal burning, we’re still heating up the planet, and this global warming is causing floods, typhoons and hurricanes, droughts, melting of the ice caps and whatnot. At such a turbulent time, getting a job in the energy industry is quite the challenge. For those interested in being part of the industry, and progressing through it, they are going to need all the help they can get – including a professionally written resume for the energy industry.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Landing a Career in the Energy Industry

The energy industry is fragmented into five parts, the Petroleum Industry, the Gas Industry, the Renewable Energy Industry (also known as the Green Energy Industry), the Coal Industry and the Nuclear Energy Industry.

The Petroleum Industry is arguably the biggest one, as it creates gas we use to tank our cars, boats, airplanes and helicopters, and our construction machines. Currently, it is in its biggest turmoil thanks to the advancements in the renewable energy sector, which is why many layoffs have been made, and many companies were forced to close their doors. Finding a job in this industry is getting increasingly difficult, and candidates are encouraged to start their hunt with a professionally written resume for the petroleum industry, to increase their chances of getting invited for an interview.

Why Workers in the Energy Industry Need Resume Help, Fast

When companies in the energy sector begin to do layoffs at an alarming rate, job seekers should be turning to reputable professional resume writing firms in Arizona for resume assistance. The Gas industry is facing constant turmoil. Many environmentalist groups are putting this industry under severe pressure, mostly because of fracking (the process of extracting gas from rocks). Low prices and constant turmoil have so far, bankrupt almost 200 gas companies this year alone. In the US, a third of gas companies could face the same fate.

The Renewable Renaissance

On the other hand, the Renewable Energy Industry is mushrooming fast. As an alternative, it’s cheap and very effective. The fact that it is clean and renewable is making countries all over the world subsidize various initiatives, making it even cheaper. There are a couple of different ways to create energy, including wind turbines, hydroelectric power plants, or solar power plants. Depending on where you are in the world, different sources are more effective than others. Similar to the petroleum industry, it is also getting harder to find a job in the renewable energy sector. The expanding vertical’s popularity is soaring, and everyone wants to be in on the action. Only with a tailored resume, optimized for the renewable energy industry, are you making the first step in the right direction.

How to Write a Resume for the Energy Sector

Besides the usual things you need to include, like contact information, employment history, education and training, there is a certain aspect which might prove invaluable in your quest for a job in the energy industry – and that is creativity. The energy industry is currently facing many troubles – disruptors such as PowerWall are changing the landscape, wars and conflict in oil-producing countries are destabilizing prices, and the threat of global warming is still looming large. That’s why every industry is looking to innovate and re-imagine itself for better positioning, better prices and better business.

Hire a Professional Resume Writing Service in Arizona

Those candidates whose applications put a strong emphasis on any projects in the industry which resulted in reduced cost, increased productivity or profits will stand a better chance.

From our experience, many -seekers aren’t even aware they have done such things in the past and frequently forget to add them. If you’re unsure if you have done such projects in the past, hire a professional resume writing company for oil and gas industry in Arizona - they’ll know how to emphasize your trumps and have you invited for interviews.

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