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Updated: Sep 29, 2021

In the past few years, the entire world has gone digital. Businesses without websites are considered outdated, and services such as the cloud, BYOD (bring your own device), mobile payments, Big Data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and machine learning are making significant gains in virtually every business. The entire world eagerly expects the introduction of 5G. This next-gen mobile internet technology is expected to completely transform connected devices by offering enormous bandwidths, extremely high speeds and super-low latencies.

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With IT now being present in every company, no matter its type, it is no wonder that IT professionals are extremely wanted personnel. This might lead you to believe that it’s easy to find a job in this industry. It might be easier than finding a job in a saturated market, but the IT industry has another problem, making life difficult for job seekers – it moves too fast. That also makes writing a professional Information Technology resume, much more difficult.

The Skills Gap In An Information Technology Resume

The fast-moving industry has created something called ‘the skills gap’ – the lack of essential skills in the industry. It becomes hard to track which skills are considered essential. IT professionals must learn to adapt, and must realize that they will have to learn new skills every few years.

One man’s crisis is another man’s opportunity, and this is an ideal opportunity for new job seekers to grab a place in this booming economy. When writing a resume for information technology jobs, it is important to identify the key skills, and place the strongest possible emphasis on them in the resume. First, let’s take a look at the ten most wanted skills in 2016, according to LinkedIn

  • Storage systems and data management

  • SEO marketing

  • Data presentation

  • Mobile development

  • IT security

  • UI design

  • Middleware software development

  • Web architecture development

  • Data mining

  • Cloud computing

Interesting thing here is – all ten are IT-related. Also, these are the crucial skills job seekers should focus on, if they want to move forward and find high-paid IT jobs in 2017. If you don’t have any of the above mentioned skills, you might want to consider an education course before applying. Luckily, with the skills gap being so wide and present, it’s easy (and cheap) to find proper, fast education in one of the fields.

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Keywords IT Hiring Managers Are Seeking On An IT Resume

As you probably already know, having the right keywords and search phrases on a professional IT resume is crucial to your success, as the document will be scanned for them by the applicant tracking software (ATS). But there are many other keywords which are considered essential in the IT industry, besides the skills we mentioned earlier in the article. Other strong keywords hiring managers will be looking for are actionable ones, such as:

  • Project manager, Managed, Managed Services,

  • Developer, Developed, Software developer, Software architect, Mobile app developer

  • Analytics, Big data analytics, data manager, Information, Information officer,

  • IT services, IT services provider, IT security expert

Knowing What Software and Hardware Keywords Should Be On A Resume

Every hiring manager will look for essential skills and past successful projects in job candidates. They will be able to find such people by filtering resumes for keywords we listed above. However, they will also look for people who have expertise in different software platforms, development platforms, or are capable using advanced hardware.

Essentially, they will be able to narrow down their choices by looking at candidates who have skills and experience, and also use specific platforms and tools in their everyday work. Remember – these skills and tools move and change fast – hiring managers will want people with most up-to-date skills portfolio possible.

A professional resume writing service for IT career seekers in Arizona understands what specific keywords and programming languages to use on a resume. Such IT resumes should contain keywords like Android, Android Studio, Linux, Java, Python, Perl, DevOps, PowerShell, Google Cloud Playground, New Relic, Adobe Edge, Creative Cloud, Parse, Github, and finally – Microsoft Azure.

How To Land A Job In The Information Technology Industry

IT is currently the fastest-growing industry in the world. Basically every company has an IT department, and those that don’t are seriously considering it. From that perspective, one might think it’s easy to find a job as an IT guy. However, the industry is specific as it moves extremely fast, and job seekers need to always have a fresh and updated resume if they want to succeed.

Writing an awesome IT resume is the first and one of the most important steps in getting a new job. By hiring a professional resume writing service in Arizona for Information Technology professionals, you can learn which of the IT skills are most in-demand, locally, and how to craft your resume around them.

Having the right keywords is essential for success, and when the industry moves this fast, keywords move with them. Find a professional writer and don’t let yourself be left behind.

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