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Is Your Resume A "Trick" Or A "Treat" For Hiring Managers to Read?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

It’s Halloween time, and people everywhere are looking to scare their friends and family into giving them candy. Don’t be fooled – you can’t scare your hiring manager into giving you the job. Instead, you need to show that you’re the right person to solve whatever problem the company is having. There are many reason unemployed and underemployed career seekers should consult with a reputable professional resume writing company.

Below you will find a short list of best practices and things to avoid when writing a resume. Don’t make it a trick for hiring managers to read – make it a treat in every sense of the word!

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Is Your Resume A ‘Trick’ For Hiring Managers To Read?

When your resume doesn’t pass companies ATS systems:

If you keep sending out your resume but keep wondering “Why am I not being invited to job interviews?”, it is probably because your resume isn’t even getting to the hiring managers desk for them to read. Don’t forget – before the document reaches an actual human being in the company, it first needs to pass the companies Applicant Tracking Software – a computer system which scans resumes, eliminates the ones it considers irrelevant, and grades the relevant ones. If your resume does not fit the criteria hiring managers set up for the ATS, your resume is going straight to the trash.

Why You Should Never Stuff Your Resume With Keywords To "Trick" Software Systems?

Some people understand computers are reading their resumes before humans, and they try to bypass the process by filling their resume with all the different keywords, just to make sure the document goes through. Some even change the color of the font to white and just start hammering keywords, thinking they’d just tricked the system. Instead, they’re just making a big mess and they definitely won’t get invited for a job interview. They might pass the ATS system, but it will change all the text to black before printing by default, and the hiring managers will be left with a bunch of garbled up words.

Why You Should Not Have a Generic Resume?

Applying with the same document to countless positions might save you time in the short run, but in the long run, you’re actually losing time. By using a generic resume, you are dramatically reducing your chances of getting a job, meaning you will spend a lot more time searching for one, instead of working. Hiring managers dislike generic resumes because they are filled with information they find irrelevant, and they might consider the candidate lazy and unmotivated. To make sure you get invited, get professional resume help in Arizona to write a powerful resume and cover letter that will emphasize the skills and achievements relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Is Your Resume A "Treat" For Hiring Managers To Read

Why resumes and cover letters should be custom tailored made:

Hiring managers are extremely short on time. You only get a few seconds of their time, before they decide to archive your resume and look at something else. If you are thinking how to use your resume to spark the interest of the hiring manager, start by presenting only the information most relevant to them. That could be your education, your previous work experience or simply some skill you’ve acquired elsewhere. Don’t stick to the norm just for the sake of the norm – think about your future boss.

When resumes score high on the companies ATS system

ATS is not only there to eliminate the irrelevant resumes from the database – it is also there to rate, grade and sort the differences between great resumes and resumes. It will scan the incoming documents (both resumes and cover letters) for keywords and search phrases, and give highest scores to best-matching ones. If you want your resume to be a ‘treat’ for the hiring managers, do your best to score high on the ATS. If you’re not sure what it takes to get a good score on the ATS, contact a local Arizona professional resume writing company near you.

Knowing which resume format to use

Frequent job switchers, career changers or people that have been out of work for an extended period of time should go for the functional type of resume. Instead of focusing on a chronologically written professional resume, a functional resume focuses on what the candidate knows, the skills they have and achievements they’ve made, regardless of when that happened. It will make the resume a much easier read, instead of going through countless previous jobs that have very little in common with the position being applied for.

Don’t scare your boss with an ugly unprofessional resume!

Just because it’s Halloween time, that doesn’t mean you should be scaring hiring managers everywhere. Stick to what is known as best practices and always keep in mind that you are there to solve your company’s problem, not the other way around. By making it easy for the hiring managers to consume your resume, you are drastically improving your chances of making a great first impression and being called in for an interview.

If you still need resume assistant to rewrite your resume, search for a credible professional resume writing business in Phoenix AZ, DoMyResume.NET.

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