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Get Resume Help For Unemployed Job Seekers in Phoenix AZ

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

As of October 2016, the unemployment rate in Arizona was at 5.2 percent. That is slightly above the U.S. average of 4.9 percent for the entire nation, and even though that might sound low, that’s still a whopping 350,000 unemployed people, for a state of 6.7 million.

One of the biggest problems for job seekers in the country is getting past the first step in applying for a job – the resume. Having a professional resume writing service in AZ development a powerful resume for unemployed job seekers is crucial – it will spark the hiring manager’s interest and could result in an interview. Once you get face-to-face, it becomes much easier to negotiate.

resume writing services in Phoenix Arizona

Writing a Resume Yourself VS. Hiring a Professional Resume Service

One of the first dilemmas job seekers are faced with at this time is whether or not to hire a professional resume writing service to do the writing for them. There are many people out there who will advocate against hiring a professional writer, saying it’s a waste of money and that basic literacy is enough to create a well-crafted resume.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. A resume is much more than a document highlighting your education, skills and achievements. It’s a window into your world, it is your advertising space, your first and only chance to woo a hiring manager. And professional resume writers are engineers at what they do and have the skills to make that happen.

The Skills of a Professional Resume Writer

One of the basic and most important skills of a professional resume writer is knowing how the hiring managers think, and regardless of what people might tell you, the average person can’t grasp it. Professional resume writers will know exactly what hiring managers will be looking for in a resume, and will be able to create a document which will place proper emphasis on those wanted elements. Depending on the industry, that can be a specific skill, or an achievement you’ve had previously in your career. That can also mean using proper language or jargon, which is only used by highly-skilled people in the industry.

Creating Resumes That Pass Companies ATS Systems

Another important skill of a professional resume writing service is knowing how to adapt to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that companies have implemented into their screening process. The software is designed to weed out unrelated and poor resumes, and being a computer program, it is crude and unrelenting.

That means your resume might get discarded for silly reasons like poor font choice, adding images to the resume, wrong file type, or typos. A resume service company knows all the little perks and nuances of such software, and will be able to spot an error or a bad decision which might eliminate you from the hiring process.

Getting back into the job market by having an impressive resume

Another argument people have for not choosing a resume writing service is that it’s expensive. Looking from a strictly financial position, one might say it is, in the same manner it can say that winter jackets are expensive. You can try to create your own, or go without one, but ultimately you’ll end up paying three times as much just for flu-treating medicine. Hiring a pro to craft an awesome resume is not an expense but an investment. Being unemployed longer than necessary is much more expensive than investing in a resume.

Find a Highly Rated and Credible Resume Service

Once you become aware of all the advantages of a professional resume writing service in Arizona, try to find them in your local area. They will interview you to discover your professional strengths and weaknesses and work with you to craft a resume around them.

They can also assist you with writing a cover letter to go with a resume, and revamp your LinkedIn and other social media accounts. And finally, they can prepare you for the interview, teaching you how to behave, what certain questions really mean and how you should go about answering them. Find a professional resume writing service near you to write your resume for you.

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