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7 Employment Advantages of Electing a Professional Resume Writer To Develop Your Resume & Cover

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

There is a lot of talk out there on if you "should" or "should not" hire the help of a certified professional resume writer, to help you write your resume and cover letter.

In all honesty – you don’t. Just as you don’t need any help building a house, or making lunch. Sure, you can do pretty much everything in this world alone, but there is no guarantee you will do it properly, with the desired results. If you want a perfect dinner – you go to a restaurant. If you want a house that won’t crumble in on itself, you hire an architect. For the same reasons, if you want to get a good job, with proper salary, you hire a professional to help you do it.

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There are many advantages to having a professional on board while hunting for a job. In this article, we will cover seven essentials:

  1. Professional resume and cover letter design

  2. Non-biased approach to writing your resume and cover letter

  3. Guaranteed interview

  4. Determining cross-functional abilities

  5. Assessing your employer’s needs

  6. Passing the ATS that companies use to scan cover letters and resumes

  7. Keeping your resume and cover letter it trendy

Professional resume and cover letter design

First impressions are extremely important, and if you don’t ‘dress to impress’, you’re bound to lose the opportunity. Research has shown that job candidates have approximately six seconds of the hiring manager’s attention before their resume is discarded, and their application forgotten. The first advantage of hiring a professional resume writing company is that your first impression will be rock solid. You can be sure your resume will last much longer than six seconds, which is essential to getting employed.

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Non-biased approach when writing a magnificent resume and cover letter

Our second point is having an unbiased approach. One of the most important, and most difficult things about writing a resume is being objective, and when it comes to yourself, it is an extremely difficult thing to do. For many people, being objective towards themselves requires great effort, as they get the feeling they’re gloating and they’re overstating things. In many cases, they are underestimating their own achievements and basically shooting themselves in the leg. A professional, on the other hand, won’t have such issues and will be able to objectively summarize a candidate’s education and work experience into a coherent unit. Such a custom-written cover letter & resume can help you get hired easily.

Getting “guaranteed” interviews by hiring a professional cover letter and resume writing service

This is particularly true for DoMyResume.NET – this professional resume writing service guarantees you’ll be called in for an interview in 30 days, or you’ll get your money back. This is a very important, and very strong point.

Determining cross-functional abilities

When it comes to job hoppers and career switchers, this is essential. Cross-functional abilities are your sets of skills that you required in previous and / or unrelated positions, which can successfully be transferred to a new career path or a new job. Identifying these abilities can sometimes be a difficult task, but with a professional’s help, it can be a breeze. Knowing how to list your cross-functional abilities in a resume will significantly increase your chances of landing a new job, as they will show the hiring manager that you are multi-talented and able to adapt to any situation.

Assessing your employer’s needs

If we needed to single out one, most important thing about a resume, it would be to tailor it to address the employer’s needs. One of the biggest mistakes job hunters make is crafting a resume without thinking about the position they’re applying for. Remember – a company is looking to hire because it has a problem and needs someone to handle it. By focusing on how you can help the company, and not what you would *like* to do in a company, you will position yourself much better than the competition.

Passing the ATS software systems companies use to scan cover letters and resumes

Another essential to writing an amazing resume is being able to pass the Applicant Tracking System software (ATS). The ATS scans all incoming resumes and filters the relevant ones. It does so by looking for keywords and search phrases set up by the hiring managers, which best describe the ideal candidate. If your resume lacks these keywords and search phrases, you may never make it to the hiring managers and to the face-to-face interview, which is why this is essential. A professionally written resume will help you pass the ATS system, because expert writers will know exactly which keywords hiring managers are looking for, how they’re formatted and how they should be presented in a resume.

Keeping your cover letter and resume trendy

Another important element is staying up-to-date with current resume industry trends. These trends can be anything, from page length, to format, to fonts, graphics, anything else. Trends change, and what was considered essential yesterday, might be redundant and eliminatory tomorrow. By employing a professional resume writing service, your resume will always keep up to date with the latest trends, increasing your chances of landing an interview and helping you stand out of the crowd.

You can do everything in this world by yourself, from building a house, to crafting a resume. The results, however, will differ if you’ve had a professional on board or not. Just as you would not risk your future by building a house by yourself, you should definitely not risk your future by hunting for jobs by yourself. At the end of the day, this investment will pay itself back on the first payday.

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