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What Are Online Resume Mill Companies and Why Are They Bad?

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Every day, more and more people begin to realize that they need a well-written resume to make career advancements, and that they don’t have the skills necessary to create a stellar resume. However, as they look for writers to craft them a document which will make them stand out from the crowd, they tend to cut corners and look for shortcuts. Unfortunately, these shortcuts lead to nowhere and job seekers will only end up unemployed, and a few bucks short.

Arizona Best Resume Companies

One of the first things job seekers notice, when looking for reputable resume writers, is that creating such a document costs money, usually more than they were initially willing to spend. So they turn to resume mills – cheap, fast companies that make very few promises and fulfill even fewer. Thinking they actually struck a good deal, job seekers are happy to pay resume mills for the job. The product they receive is poor, and is practically useless in the job hunting endeavor. Let’s take a closer look at how resume mills work, and why it would be a poor investment choice.

What Are Resume Mills?

Just like any other mill, Online Resume Mill Companies (or individuals / groups) that earn their living through quantity, instead of quality. By the time a reputable resume writing company finishes a single resume, a resume mill company will have 12 resumes finished. The same is with the price. For the price of a single resume from a high-quality organization, a resume mill organization will have to create a dozen. From a business perspective – both organizations will earn approximately the same. But the quality of their product is vastly different.

Resume Mills vs High-Quality Resume Services: How They Work?

A reputable professional resume writing agency will hire:

  1. Highly talented, experienced writers with a vast amount of resume writing experience.

  2. Local talent, well-acquainted with the job market in their immediate surroundings.

High quality professional resume writers will:

  1. Invest a lot of time interviewing the client, to make sure they understand their needs and career goals.

  2. Choose the proper resume format, and make sure to place greater emphasis on the candidate’s biggest advantages.

  3. Advise the client on where, how and when to apply, and what to do if they get invited for an interview.

  4. Walk the candidate through the entire process.

Resume mills will:

  1. Hire cheap writers (mostly overseas, in India, Pakistan, Thailand).

  2. These writers often have questionable English skills, close to no knowledge of the local job market.

  3. These writers are also (almost by default) overworked, as they rush to get as many resumes done, to earn a decent living.

  4. That means they’ll spend very little time on a single resume, doing zero research, not trying to understand the client’s wishes at all. All communication is done exclusively by email.

  5. You won’t be able to speak with them in person or over the phone. All contact will be via email only, if you even get to communicate with your writer at all.

But hey, they’re cheap, right? The fact of the matter is – you get what you pay for. A low investment usually means low returns, sometimes no returns, at all. And with the competition being as fierce as it is in the job industry, job seekers should avoid looking cheap and amateurish.

Resume Mills Alternatives

The only logical alternative is to choose a high-quality, local resume writing agency in AZ, with a solid reputation for delivering perfect resumes, which will approach every client with full dedication and professionalism. These agencies will make sure you get a product that works, that can get you invited for interviews – or your money back. One of the ‘side-effects’ of hiring a reputable and established local resume writing firm is that you’ll learn a lot about the job industry, how it operates, which techniques give results, and which not.

Low Cost Poor Resume vs Higher Cost, High Quality Resume

It’s easy to get tempted by the low prices and the promise of a fast turnaround. The resume is far too important of a document, to be acquired from an assembly line set up somewhere in a third-world, non-English speaking country. Don’t forget – hiring managers have seen so many resumes in their lifetime that they’ll be able to spot a cheap one, bought from the internet, in a heartbeat.

They will form their opinion on the candidate based on that resume, and with a cheap document, how do you think they’ll view the candidate? They certainly won’t consider them hard-working, detail-oriented or responsible. And without those qualities, don’t expect to get hired anywhere good.

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