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Professional Resume Service for Entry Level College & High School Graduates in Phoenix AZ

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Finding a job is a difficult task in itself, but being young and inexperienced only makes it even harder. Even though Millennials and other young professionals are a creative, progressive, knowledgeable workforce, when it actually comes to bringing people into an organization, hiring managers will usually look for workers they can rely on and which they can trust to get the job done without complications. It is important for college graduates to present themselves as such, and with resumes being the first point of contact, it is essential for resumes to reflect that idea.

Arizona Best Resume Companies

Below, you will find five reasons why it is crucial to hire a professional resume writing service for college graduates in Phoenix AZ, or hire a resume writing service for high school graduates in Chandler AZ, to start their career off with an impressive, professionally written resume.

1) The Competition Is Fierce

The University of Arizona has a total undergraduate enrollment of 31,670, according to the US News website. And that's just one university! Add Phoenix, Midwestern University, Glendale Community College, and a dozen more, and you'll get a head-spinning figure. On top of it all, those are just universities, we haven't even thought about high schools. The point is, young people will be competing against a large workforce, in which there are many lookalikes – young, inexperienced, but highly motivated people.

2) You Have Very Little To Offer In Terms Of Experience

Previous employment, and the experience it brings with it is priceless in the job market. Ask any hiring manager, or CEO – a high school grad with two years of experience stands a better chance of getting hired than a freshly baked college graduate. That's why you need a professionally written resume for entry-level jobs. Resume writers will look for any experience (volunteering, hobbies, etc.) which might prove useful to the hiring manager and will know how to pack that information into a compelling marketing tool. That kind of information can differentiate you from the rest of the competition, thus increasing your chances of getting hired.

3) You Don't Know How To Write A Powerful Resume

Writing a resume is no easy task. There are so many moving parts to consider. Miss one, and you probably won’t end up getting invited for an interview. There are four types of resumes, each is different. Advanced resumes for college graduates differ from those for highly experienced professionals. Using different fonts, images, keywords, adapting to the applicant tracking software (ATS) system – those are just some of the elements that need to be taken into consideration when writing a resume. Between a properly written one, and an amateurish one, who do you think the hiring manager will pick?

4) You Don't Understand How To Pass Job Interviews

One of the things that they don’t teach you at school, or college, is how to guarantee passing job interviews. These events are specific, where hiring managers look for certain qualities in a candidate. Many people have the necessary qualities, but lack the knowledge to properly emphasize them. Some people even refrain from talking highly about themselves, fearing they might come off as arrogant. Besides having a well-written resume, a professional resume writing service for new college or high school graduates in AZ will also teach you how to properly pass job interviews.

5) It's Easier To Switch Jobs Than To Be Unemployed

Resume writing companies will do much more than just write you a resume – they will also help you apply, and will give tips and suggestions which types of jobs to apply for. Ultimately – the best resume service in Arizona guarantees job interviews within 30 day, or your money back. Once you start working, you’ll start gathering the most important asset of them all – experience. At the end of the day, it is easier to switch from one job to another, than to go from unemployed to employed.

Consult With Local Resume Pros in Arizona

The young workforce can bring a lot to the US economy. It is bringing fresh knowledge, new ideas and practices, and a healthy dose of motivation. However, many new high school and college graduates don’t know how to write their first resume, and it’s seriously hurting their job hunting efforts. With a professionally written resume, young workers can get their career off to a flying start.

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