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When Can A Resume Be More Than 2 Pages In Length?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

A resume’s sole purpose is to spark the hiring manager’s interest enough to call the job seeker in for an interview. This is why college graduates and executives are hiring certified professional resume writing services to help them land interviews. In that regard, a resume’s length is crucial for its success. Failing to hit the sweet spot can result in the resume’s success rate dropping significantly. Job seekers will miss interviews they might otherwise attend, and among those interviews they might miss out on an amazing job opportunity.

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Why Is The Resume’s Length So Important?

Why is the resume’s length so important? Mostly because hiring managers don’t have the time to slowly and thoroughly go through each document in search of valuable information on the job candidate’s skills and experience. They need to know this information in the first ten seconds of reading the document.

Resumes that are too long are usually bloated with unnecessary information, forcing hiring managers to search for data they might find useful. As they’re short on time and attention, they won’t bother and will instead just move onto the next document and poof! There goes your opportunity.

Resumes that are too short, on the other hand, might present the job candidates as insufficiently experienced or not skilled enough to fill the role effectively. So, it’s important to hit the sweet spot. Generally, that’s anywhere between one and two pages, no more. If you’re opting for just one page, make sure it’s packed full.

Is It Wrong To Have A Resume Longer Than 2 Pages?

Is it wrong to have a resume longer than two pages? Usually, we would say yes. However, there are times when it is acceptable for the document to exceed two pages.

When Can A Resume Be Longer Than Two Pages?

When can a resume be longer than two pages? For example, if the job candidates are senior-level managers, or C-level executives, they might require longer resumes. Usually, resumes for positions of high responsibility get more time and attention. It is essential for the job hunter to display all the skills, experiences and achievements that can present him / her as the ideal candidate, so feel free to list as much as you can.

Another good example is in the academic, or scientific field. Besides listing education and job experience, scientists, researchers and the like are usually encouraged to include things like published works (articles, books, reviews, etc.) and presentations, as well as any teaching or research experience. The longer the list, the better, so don’t worry if your resume ends up being three, or sometimes four pages in length.

Candidates applying in the public sector are also frequently required to submit longer-form resumes. The public sector is significantly different from the private one, and consequently, the resumes required here differ, as well. These resumes differ in format, information required as well as length, and usually, candidates are encouraged to go between four and six pages. If your next question is, “When Is It OK To Have A Four, Five, Or Even Six Page Resume?”

Understanding The Company Will Help You Understand The Resume Length Requirements

There are no rules regarding the length of a resume, which means that longer-form resumes are not limited to just these three industries. It is important for every job candidate to read the company’s application requirements before submitting anything. Sometimes, the job ad will have plenty of information regarding resume length. If such information is lacking, and you are still uncertain about the length of your document, you can either give the company a call and ask, or you can consult a professional resume writing service for resume assistance.

Hitting The Sweet Spot

Resume length is often considered essential for the document’s success, but it is far from being a rule. There are many instances where opting for a somewhat longer resume can tilt the scales in the candidate’s favor, so make sure to research the industry, and the particular company, thoroughly before you start any trimming.

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