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Should Recommendations Be Placed In A Resume

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

A high quality and impressive resume is a must when applying for a new job. Professional resume writing services in Arizona help job hunters on their journey by providing impeccable and unique resumes that stand out and catch the eye of hiring managers.

One the the many important questions most job seekers ask is, "Should I Include Recommendations On My Resume?".

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What Are Recommendations?

Recommendation (also known as a recommendation letter or a reference letter) is a document where a previous or current employer or hiring manager points out an individual’s abilities, characteristics and qualities to perform certain functions or tasks. It is mostly required from a person when applying for a job position, scholarship or university.

Employment recommendations include salutation to those who read the letter, how the referee (a person who writes the letter) knows a person he/she recommends, responsibilities and tasks of the recommended person, qualifications, knowledge, abilities, employment duration, social attitude, etc.

Are Recommendations Good To Have?

Having a resume written by a top rated resume writing expert in Phoenix, Arizona will improve your chances for landing multiple job interviews, but having recommendations will improve these chances even more.

When a hiring manager reads recommendations, he/she gets a better insight into your skills and abilities, accomplishments and how you interact with the rest of the team. Hiring managers thus know what to expect from you - when they see how your previous employer or coworker values and appreciates your professionalism and attitude. They may find out your strengths and weaknesses and know what they can expect from you. They can focus on providing you with training to improve your skills while benefiting from those well-developed ones.

Who Are The Best People To Ask For Recommendations?

It is not good to have a recommendation written by anyone. In the past, it was common that people wrote recommendations by themselves in the name of some highly respected individual. This left a mark on hiring managers, so they’ve grown quite cautious when it comes to recommendations. So, the question remains, "Who Are The Bets People To Ask For Recommendations?".

Your previous or current managers, directors, or any high level leadership professional within your field are the individuals you want to write you a recommendation letter. Those are the ones who saw your impact on the company, how you helped them grow and how professional you were.

Should Recommendations Be Placed In A Resume?

Nowadays, recommendations should never be placed on a resume, mostly because many hiring managers ask for references only after they get interested in you after an interview. You want to use the limited amount of document space to focus on your hard skills, metric, and accomplishments. Another reason is to avoid any possible violation of privacy policy in a case your resume reaches the hands of a wrong person.

You want to avoid the hiring manager contacting your professional recommendation at an inconvenient time, a surprise or unexpected call (in a case you haven’t had time to inform them about it) are some of the other reasons why recommendations should not be placed on a resume.

Where Should Recommendations Be Written?

The best option and many consider this as a must is posting those recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. After you send your resume, hiring managers will click on your LinkedIn URL link which should be located at the top of your resume and cover letter. The hiring manager will then preview your LinkedIn profile and see any and all the recommendations you on on your LinkedIn account. No one gets disturbed by a call and hiring managers have access to those recommendations any time.

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