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Should I List My GPA On My Resume Or Leave it Off?

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Hiring Managers tell job seekers what qualifications they are seeking when they post the job advertisement online on websites like Indeed, SimplyHired, Jobing, etc. The problem is they are not always clear on what exactly should be included in a resume. Do employers want to see your GPA on your resume?Should you leave your GPA off your resume? Is it smart to include your GPA on your resume?

Writing a resume becomes a challenging task in terms of all the information a job applicant plans to include. One such information is a GPA (Grade Point Average).

To all of those who are wondering whether to include it or not on your resume, the number one professional resume writing service in Arizona answers these questions for us.

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What Is A GPA?

A GPA (grade point average) is a grade average a student earns during high school or college. Grades can be a letter scale, A B C D E F, or a number scale, from zero to five. After each semester, students receive a GPA based on the grades they earned during a semester. The GPA judges students’ performance and it is of a huge importance when applying for a college or job position.

When applying for college, each one requires a student’s GPA, but listing the GPA when applying for a job is mostly a voluntary act. The question is when to list it.

When Is It Smart To Include Your GPA On Your Resume?

Since it is not obligatory, each job applicant can list their GPA on their resume if they wish. If he/she believes that the GPA can help them impress hiring managers and increase their chances for an interview or job landing, it is preferable to have it listed. But which GPA is worth listing on a resume? If the job applicant’s GPA is above 3.8, it is preferable to include it in the resume, as it might mean the job applicant is on a Dean’s list, President’s list or maybe honors society, etc. This GPA makes a person stand out from the pile of other job applicants and is definitely a way to impress hiring managers.

As most students and job applicants have a GPA of 3.7 or below, it is not recommended to include it since it doesn’t add much value.

Where On A Resume Should You List Your GPA?

If the job applicant’s GPA is 3.8 or above, it is strongly recommended to include it, but one must make sure to include it in the right place in the resume. Having a GPA listed under the experience section is out of place, so make sure to have it listed under the education section, after listing attended school or college.

What Does Your GPA Tell Employers About You?

A GPA that is 3.8 or above tells a lot about the job applicant, it is remarkable and worth emphasizing. Once a hiring manager sees the GPA, he/she can learn a lot about job applicant’s work ethic, desire to succeed and it also highlights the skills of the job applicant.

Do Employers Require Or Expect To See Your GPA On Your Resume?

Most employers do not require seeing a job seeker’s GPA. According to a Harris poll from 2008, 62 percent of employers required no minimum GPA, 31 percent required a minimum GPA of 3.0 GPA and 11 percent required a 3.5 GPA or higher.

But if a job seeker is a recent graduate, having the high GPA listed on a resume might improve the chances for landing the interview. If a person already has several years of experience, listing his/her GPA might seem a bit odd and no longer relevant since years of experience can beat someone’s high GPA.

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