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Is It Smart To Hire A Cheap Online Resume Writing Mill Factory?

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

When looking for professional resume writers, many people unintentionally and unknowingly turn to resume writing mill factories which are cheap, low quality producing, online only resume companies.

People think resume mills are their best choice at getting a resume when, in fact, they're making one of the worst career choices possible. Why? Are resume writing mill factories good or bad?

Our advice is to only hire the highest positive customer rated resume writing service in Phoenix AZ, DoMyResume.NET.

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What Are Resume Writing Mill Factories?

Resume mills are cheap resume writing factories that prefer volume and speed over quality. They hire inexperienced writers who write as many resumes as possible and as quickly as possible. Resume writing mills mass produce cheap quality resumes and cover letters through online templates which can’t and won’t guarantee job interviews.

Why You Should Avoid Resume Mill Factories?

Resume writers who work in these factories are mostly non-natives from India, Pakistan, Bosnia, who actually have no experience in professional resume writing. Having a resume written by such a writer often results in typos and other mistakes which render the resume irrelevant in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Inexperienced and unprofessional, their writers have no sense of keywords and phrases that are vital for a good resume.

Cheap online mill resume writing factories do not invest time and research to choose the right keywords for a job seekers resume. Another common trait of these mills is that they offer no interviews or phone calls. It often brings a lack of knowledge of a candidate’s education and experience background in detail, which is essential for writing a high-quality resume.

What they usually do is have a candidate upload an old resume, only to make a few impactful changes. Another way to get information about candidates is have them fill out a questionnaire and based on a poor source of information, they tailor a resume that contains irrelevant information, lacks clear career objectives, and doesn’t highlight what is relevant for a job position a candidate applies for.

Cheap Resume Mill Factories Lack Diligent Keyword Research

In order to avoid wasting time on unqualified and inadequate candidates, hiring managers heavily rely on the ATS. This software system essentially runs on keywords. Lack of these makes it impossible to pass the ATS. Typos and other mistakes are one of the top reasons why some resumes get filtered out. These kinds of mistakes are often found in resumes written by candidates themselves and mill-built resumes as well.

What hiring managers hate most is wasting their time and often times they exclude a candidate from any possible future employment in their company. These cheap and low quality mill-built resumes often leave an impression of an unprofessional and unmotivated candidate, so it is no wonder they get filtered out at the very beginning.

Who Should You Hire To Write A High Quality Producing Resume?

Hiring a professional who will charge you more than those from resume mills is not only a smarter choice but also a good investment in your future. High-quality resume writers invest time and effort to make an outstanding and eye-catching resume that makes hiring managers want to meet a candidate. They conduct a thorough interview with a candidate to gather all the necessary information, do research on the industry keywords and phrases, and choose the best format for a resume.

This, of course, costs more than the average resume writing mill, but the outcome is worth every cent. How much does a resume from a mill cost? Compare it to how much Arizona's most trusted resume writing professionals charge. Is it worth risking to pay a small amount of money for a resume that will not even pass the ATS, or invest in a high-quality producing resume that will land you interviews?

Locate the top rated and largest resume writing company in Arizona in order to get a resume that meets the requirements of hiring managers. The first impression matters, and your resume tells how professional you are. With a poorly written resume, no hiring manager will see you as a possible candidate for a job they offer.

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