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Gone Are The Days Of Short One Page Resumes!

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Writing a resume when looking for a job becomes a recondite and complex process. You look for help online and end up having too much information that doesn’t answer your questions. You seek answers on what the proper length should be for a resume, what formats should a resume be placed in, what to and what not to include in your resume, etc.

We asked one of the most trusted and largest professional resume writing company in Scottsdale Arizona what the acceptable length of your resume should be, and they answered.

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Why Do Employers Now Require Longer & More Detailed Resumes?

After years of wasting time interviewing candidates who do not meet their requirements and demands, hiring managers decided to ask for more detailed resumes in order to grant interviews to those worth meeting. Not only did they decide to ask for longer resumes, they started relying heavily on the Applicant Tracking System which filters out all those resumes that don’t have the keywords and phrases needed for easier selection.

Only those, whose resumes contain the right words and phrases, have a chance to have their resume read by a hiring manager. They found it cost saving and easier to streamline who they call in for interviews.

Why Was One Page Resumes So Popular 10 Plus Years Ago?

The ATS software systems did not exist decades ago. Hiring managers had to read every resume they received, and they didn’t have enough time for details. At that time, the number of applicants was smaller compared to the present one. With the online application system, the number of job applications has reached thousands. Short version resumes could only provide basic information, and a thorough interview would give a better image of a candidate.

Nowadays, hiring managers try to get as much information as possible, before granting a candidate an interview in order to save time and money. It is easier for hiring managers, but a difficulty for job applicants. Before they have a chance to impress hiring managers during the interview, candidates must make sure to their resumes passes a companies software filtration system. To increase their chances for job landing, many people turn to and seek for the best professional resume writers in Scottsdale Arizona to help them write their resume.

When Is It Still OK To Have A One Page Resume?

Even though a one page resume has been dead for some time now, there are always exceptions that have to be made. A job seeker, who has just graduated from a college, or someone with two years of experience, doesn’t really have much to write. Providing irrelevant information might annoy hiring managers and only lessen job landing chances. It is better to stick to the one page resume if you are fresh out of college, high school or if you have less than five years of experience.

When in such situation, it is wise to seek professional resume writing help from a local Arizona professional resume writing company. Resume writing professionals will help you prepare and write a high quality resume that will not only help pass companies ATS, but also help you stand out from the crowd and make a hiring manager want to meet you.

How Many Pages Should A Resume Be?

One page resumes are, in most cases, no longer acceptable. Hiring managers spend less than 6 seconds on reading a resume before they decide whether to grant an interview or not. A two page resume would be the ideal one. The idea is to have a well-written and detailed resume that will showcase and demonstrate a job seekers metrics, have the proper keywords, achievements, experience, accomplishments, etc. If you don’t have enough of these, do not just add details and irrelevant information to fill in the empty space.

There are plenty of generic resumes online that seem like a good solution when writing your resume. Using these will lessen your chances for job landing and even passing the ATS, since they do not include the keywords and phrases hiring managers expect to see in your resume. If stuck with your resume writing, it is safer to seek for the best resume preparation service in Phoenix AZ and have professionals secure your way towards a job opportunity.

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