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How Long Should The Career Summary On A Resume Be?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

The length of a is of a huge importance; if too long, it will not be looked at in detail, and the short ones might leave a lack-of-experience impression.

To avoid making any mistakes, many job seekers hire Arizona best rated resume writing experts who write executive level resumes in order to get the best possible career summary on their resume. In this article, you can learn more about how long it should be, what its focus is on and its importance.

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What Is A Career Summary On A Resume?

A career summary, is located at the very top of a resume and is a short introduction with a purpose to convey a candidate’s set of skills. It has grown to be one of the most important parts of a resume since most hiring managers focus on this part.

It tells them how a candidate can help their company grow and thrive, what a candidate has to offer. If they are not impressed while reading the career summary, they go no further. This is a part where a candidate must persuade a hiring manager that he/she is the best among all other applicants.

Why Did Career Summaries On A Resume Replace Career Objectives?

Career summaries focus on what a candidate has to offer to a company, while career objectives are more about the candidate’s wishes. Hiring managers want to have someone in their team who is willing to learn, grow and become more successful, but first of all, they prefer to know what a candidate can give them rather than what a company can give to the candidate.

Career summaries became more popular than career objectives. They are more eye catchy and it’s easier to impress a hiring manager by experience and skills rather than goals.

Should A Career Summary Be Focused On Soft Skills Or Hard Skills?

When writing a career resume, it is important to emphasize both soft skills and hard skills. Some hiring managers are more interested in soft skills, others in hard skills. It all depends on the job position you apply for.

To avoid making any mistakes, it is best to check which hard and soft skills are most related to the job position you want to apply for and highlight those. All other skills that are not related to the job position should not be mentioned in the career summary.

Job ads also tell a lot about the requirements, so you have to carefully check them as well. If the job ad is more focused on soft skills, highlight these, if they’re hard skills, make them stand out. If in doubt, you can always contact the a resume writing agency located in Gilbert Arizona to help you tailor a resume that will highlight the right set of skills.

How Long Should A Career Summary Be On A Resume?

A career summary needs to introduce you to a hiring manager effectively and quickly, so you must use it wisely. Keep it short but to the point – no more than 100 words in total. Depending on the format and the font - four to six lines. This is enough to highlight the most important information about you, the one hiring managers crave to read and know. If too long, they might not read everything (hiring managers quickly scan resumes) and skip some crucial information.

Why Is The Career Summary One Of The Most Important Section On A Resume?

Career summary is one of the most important parts because it is the first thing hiring managers read on a resume. This part of a resume tells them about a candidate’s motivation, skills and cultural fit. If a hiring manager is impressed at the very beginning, he/she will pay more attention to the rest of the resume and become more interested in the candidate.

What Keywords Should Be Included In The Career Summary Of Your Resume?

When writing a resume, the more keywords it has the better score will it get when scanned by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It is very important to choose the right keywords; the wrong one will not be accepted by the ATS.

Check the job ad and include the words mentioned there. Job titles, skills, responsibilities can all be keywords. Look for the keywords that are related to the industry you work for and make sure to use them only.

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