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Powerful Keywords Every C-Level Executive Needs On Their Resume

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Reaching the C-Level in your career by no means guarantees you a job. Sure, the competition might be less on the volume side, but it’s still tough on the quality side. Also, being in such high positions, positions of great responsibility, companies will scrutinize every candidate down to every single detail. That’s why it’s important to be as perfect as you can be, in every possible way, if you are to make it into the C-Level positions.

Obviously, the best way to start is by hiring a resume writing service that writes resumes for high level executives in Arizona. Nowadays, resumes revolve mostly around keywords, which is probably something you already know. However, choosing the right keywords might be a bit tough, so here’s something from a professional resume writing company who writes resumes for C-level executives in Arizona, to point you in the right direction.

Powerful Keywords Every C-Suite Executive Needs On Their Resume

Keywords Every High-Level Executive Needs On Their Resume

  • Strategic Planning

  • P&L Responsibility

  • Performance Optimization

  • New Business Development

  • Budgeting & Finance

  • Corporate Administration

  • Organization Leadership

  • Revenue Growth and Profit Maximization

Verbs To Start Out A Sentence On An C-Level Executive Resume

  • Executed

  • Produced

  • Developed

  • Engineered

  • Implemented

  • Launched

  • Spearheaded

  • Consolidated

  • Yielded

  • Reduced

Where And When To Incorporate Keywords On Your Resume

The best way to go about your resume as a C-Level executive is through powerful keywords. These keywords need to tell a story about who you are, what you’ve done, what you’ve achieved and where you want to be in the near future.

That’s why our first (and biggest) advice would be to do a ton of research. Chief executive officers will require different keywords than chief financial officers, for example. And chief data officers will, again, use different ones, compared to the other two.

What all of these, and other C-Level positions have in common, though, is that their keywords need to be actionable. If you led a group, or a project, make sure you incorporate keywords like Led, Executed, Oversaw, or Operated. If you built something, formed a new division within a company, or formulated a strategy for the future, make sure your resume includes those exact keywords: Built, Formed, Formulated.

Chief Data Officers will, for example, use keywords like Analyzed, Gathered, delivered or Processed.

Hire A Reputable Resume Writing Service That Understands C-Level Executives

Today’s digital world is seeing an enormous influx of data, especially written content. In such a huge, unwelcoming environment, it is essential to hire a c-level expert resume writing company that fully understand the depth of your executive level background. As you might have guessed by now, the best way to be found in a sea of resumes is through keywords.

Every company utilizes ATS systems – applicant tracking software which scans and sorts incoming resumes based on the keywords it finds in the documents. When hiring managers decide they need a new candidate, they’ll use the ATS, and through keyword search, look for the right candidate. Yet again, those keywords will be the ones we mentioned earlier in the piece – actionable verbs that tell the story about who you are and what you’ve achieved in the past.


Just because you reached C-Level, it doesn’t mean you should forget about your resume. In fact, you should pay even more attention to it, once you’re ‘up there’. We know for certain that your hiring managers will. Getting it right with a resume is essential, and having the right keywords is the first step.

Make sure you use actionable words, strong action verbs, which also explain, very vividly, your previous experiences, achievements and successes.

Need help writing an executive level resume in Arizona?

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