Why Keywords Are Important For Your Resume

With every passing year, the competition towards having a resume that stands out keeps increasing. Resume writers and professional resume writing services have also now become quite popular and act as an additional helping hand to create better resumes. Gone are the days when you could simply slip in a hard copy of your resume and have someone go through it thoroughly before hearing back. We live in a digital age where everything functions with the help of the internet.

Search engine optimization is the future, and experts all over the world keep on finding newer ways to stay relevant in a crown of billions. If you receive a call from a potential company, know that the call has come in after due evaluation. HR representatives and job agencies run dozens of keywords, after which a list of eligible candidates is chosen. This is also why, with every passing day, most of us find it hard to get callbacks.

There was a time when a single CV was enough to be passed on to multiple companies. Upon passing it to say about a dozen companies, you can then expect to get a phone call or two. However, this strategy no longer works.

So, What Now?

Every resume requires you to edit and add pointers, experience, and keywords that are related to the job. Only when these factors match, you get a phone call finally. While you may think that editing pointers and adding experience are easy, adding keywords is something that requires smart work.

Keywords cannot simply be added. A lot of thought and research is required before choosing what keywords would fit perfectly for the job you are applying for. Top quality resume writing services take the time to run through a set of keywords based on the job profile before creating the ideal resume for you.

But before that, let's understand what exactly keywords are.

What Are Keywords?

A keyword is terminology associated mainly with SEO. These are words or phrases that the common searchers enter various search engines to find something. The best example to understand what keywords are in the world of SEO is to think of the process of boiling tea. In this scenario, water, sugar, and milk are various components of the world of content.

This could be images, videos, articles, etc., that come together to put a product/company into the spotlight. Now keywords, on the other hand, signify the tea leaves. Here is why. All components (videos, images, articles, blogs) are mixed and boiled to create a good cup of tea (to put your brand/product in the spotlight).

However, at the end of it, you must strain the tea leaves out and pour your tea into another cup to consume it. The strained tea leaves are your keywords.