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Should You Mention Your Covid-19 Vaccine Status On Your Resume?

The number one question on every job seekers mind is "Should I mention my COVID Vax status on my resume?".

We asked this question to one of the top rated professional Resume Writing Services, DoMyResume.NET.

Did you ever imagine one day you’d seriously consider whether or not to put your vaccination status on your resume?

That’s like letting your potential employers know you’re a closeted Boston Celtics fan. Or that you like to eat your fries with a fork.

No, seriously.

Letting potential employers know that you’re not vaccinated against Covid-19 seems like a recipe for disaster to most conservatives who are fiercely protective of their freedoms, AS WE SHOULD BE!

On the other hand, employers may argue that political mandates that require employees to be vaccinated make the answer obvious. You have to let them know before any interview can take place that you’re as safe as can be against the COVID, the big nineteen, the Big C.

What’s the simple answer to the question?

What’s The Latest Mandate On Employee Vaccinations?

Ever since vaccinations became politicized, it has been polarizing people against one another. President Biden has shown how frustrated he is and made it mandatory for 100 million Americans to be vaccinated.

The mandate applies to businesses with over a hundred workers. Companies with large workforces need to either A) make sure they are all vaccinated, or B) get tested weekly. Employers that don’t follow the rules are going to face fines of $14,000. And that fine applies to a single violation.

Of course, local Arizona businesses a hundred-strong are wary of this mandate. Some big corporations understandably are announcing their own vaccination policies. Whether or not these organizations support the President’s move, employers are likely to play on the safer side and announce their own policies.

This brings us to the job board posting that you’re replying to. It’s a company that is large enough to fall under the purview of the mandate. And that puts you in a quandary when writing your resume. Your friends are doing it. They are putting down ‘vaccinated’ even on their LinkedIn profiles. They may come off as a little sanctimonious, too when they do so.

And you, on the other hand, have chosen to stay silent about your jab status, which may keep HR managers wondering at the omission. Did you or did you not get your jab? If they hire you, are you likely to refuse to get vaccinated? This is an interesting question on many people’s minds. And with the country being split fifty-fifty on this issue, this question could end up alienating a lot of people and affect who you work with or who interviews you.

It Can’t Hurt To Put ‘Not Vaccinated’ On Your Resume, Or Can It?

Many job boards these days are listing jobs that require vaccinations. Surveys have shown a large number of hiring managers are saying they won’t consider a resume without a vaccination status.

On the other hand, the number of searches for jobs that don’t require vaccination is also up. Adding the fact that you’re vaccinated on your resume could make a difference between getting a job offer or not. Whether or not you’re vaccinated is the next stage of the hurdle. Some employers may hire you if you seem amenable to taking the vaccine.

If you’re applying to a company that has a culture of putting freedoms, liberty, and the right to choose first, they won’t require you are vaccinated. They will hire whomever is most qualified for the job and will stay out of politics. That is why the best decision you can make it to hire the resume writing pros to help you write a great resume that lands job interviews.

So yes, if you are applying for a company that requires a vaccination status or needs you to be vaccinated, then ‘not vaccinated’ or no status at all could hurt your chances.

But What About Ambiguous Job Listings?

The real confusion comes when you’re applying to a job listing that doesn’t mention whether or not they want a vaccination status.

The answer to that is simple. If you really want the job (and you’re vaccinated), it can’t hurt to put your status on your resume.

If you really want the job and you’re not vaccinated, then don't list your vaccination status on your resume.

If you have concerns about personal freedoms being restricted, then you’re well within your right to do so. After all, we don’t put our age, sexual orientation, race, and other personal details on the resume. So, why our vaccination status?

There are still plenty of employers who aren’t requiring vaccination status. Maybe you should apply to these companies if you have reservations.

Start With Research

Whatever the case, you should start every application with research. And during your research, try to find out if the company has been in the news for its stance on vaccination. Check out their company policies. Is there anything there that says employees need to be tested on a regular basis? Maybe in the course of your research, you’ll find they are friendly to those who are choosing not to get the COVID jab.

Reach out to a quality producing resume service who specializes in research, writing, and editing resumes at the advanced level to help solve this dilemma for you.

You could, of course, decide that you’ll play the game, even if it means going against your convictions. If your goal is to get your resume to an employer as fast as possible, then putting your vaccination status on it can make sense.

But in such a scenario, be sure to consider whether you’d be a match for the company culture. If an organization cares about your vaccination status, then could it be discriminatory on other points in the future?

In mulling that question over, don’t forget that some employers are just being cautious and taking the easy way out, possibly not being a hardliner.

The Bottom Line

The question then boils down simply to this: are you okay with sharing your vaccination status on your resume? Is the employer requiring employees to have the vaccine?

Because it can’t hurt to share it. On the flip side, if it makes you uncomfortable, you’d be better off not sharing it. It’s also about how much you risk giving up a dream job for your convictions on personal freedom.

Eventually, the job market is competitive, and your resume is your best face forward in a competitive job market.


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