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Reasons Why Your Resume Consistently Gets Rejected - And How To Fix It

Sometimes we try to save a buck by writing our own resume, but it costs us more in the end. Hiring a top rated and quality producing professional resume writing service may cost you a couple hundred dollars, but will land you better paying jobs. In our pursuit of the perfect resume, we spend hours searching and drafting the best resume possible. But still, find ourselves getting rejected after our resume reaches the hiring manager's desk.

You might have wondered this once or twice, 'Will bringing the help of a professional resume writer help my chances of getting hired somehow?' The short answer is YES, but first, we need to focus on recognizing the mistakes we make ourselves in our resume - the reasons why it keeps getting rejected, and what we should do to fix these mistakes.

Avoid Drafting A Boring Resume

You have written a resume that highlights all your job experience, certificates, and educational descriptions. The resulting page looks congested with the responsibilities, skills, and achievements you secured. But consider this yourself; who has the time to read all of that? Certainly not the hiring manager or recruiter.

Boring descriptions that make the reader cringe when they lay eyes on it must be avoided. You do not want your resume to bring in yawns. You want your CV to look exciting, short, and eye-catching. This does not call for the use of bring colors. The resume layout should be straightforward.

How To Fix A Boring Resume?

Hire a resume service! You want your recruiter to know that you are keen on getting this job, and that should be the main point of your resume. Too much focus on a job background that is unrelated to the position you are applying for is a foolish decision. If you are applying for the role of swim instructor, mentioning your job experience as a part-time writer is unnecessary. Leave some mystery for the interview.

You can highlight your other experiences when the time is right. Don't choose the resume to do all your unessential bidding.

The resume is your most important tool to secure the job. So, keep it short and crisp while giving needed information that makes you best suited for the role.

Use Intelligent Keywords Which Resume Scanners Demand

Consider the most likely scenario here, when you see a job vacancy, chances are thousands of other people will see it as well. If you deem yourself qualified and skilled for a job, thousands of others will do as well. This is not to give you a peek description of the competition. But a preview of what is coming next.

Most likely, a huge pile of resumes will come upon the recruiting managers' system. Instead of going through everyone, they will put it through a resume scanner that will search for certain keyword phrases. You do not want your resume to be out of the race before someone even sets their eyes on it.

How To Fix A Resume And Add Keywords?

Customize your resume wisely for the job role you are applying for. Add in relevant keyword phrases that resume scanners will most likely search for.

For example, if you are applying for the post of accountant, you want to mention phrases that relate to your past experience, qualifications, and skills that make you fit for the job, such as 'advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel,' 'analytical skills,' 'assisted with the preparation of financial reports.'

These are just vague examples; you want to add in phrases that are related to the job profile and requirement. Adding relevant keywords and phrases related to the job profile significantly increases your chances of securing a callback, an interview, and even being hired.

Avoid Spelling And Grammar Mistakes

There are two reasons why you need to keep your spelling and grammar in check—starting with a resume scanner. We already mentioned that recruiters and hiring managers most likely will send your resume through a scanner looking for certain keyword phrases before they set their eyes on it.

The resumes which do not contain the keywords - phrases they desire, will go straight to the trash, and in this case, the recycle bin, which we do not want. Even though your keywords may be right, the hiring manager may choose some unconventional phrases and put the same in the search box while scanning resumes. To minimize risk, you should avoid making spelling and grammar mistakes.

Next, the resume is basically yourself in 1-2 pages. It describes your job experiences, summary, educational background, everything that is essential about you or makes you qualified for the post. You surely don't want your first impression to be symbolized by silly spelling and grammatical mistakes. So there is your second reason to avoid spelling and grammatical errors on your resume.

How To Fix Spelling And Grammatical Mistakes On Resume?

The most suitable way to examine your resume for spelling and grammatical errors is to read it out loud. Get a chair, sit in front of a table and read your resume out loudly so that it reaches your ear. This will help you to flag any spelling and grammatical errors as well as polish your resume.

Scan your resume through error-checking websites such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor. There are numerous other options too. For best-refined results, you may also consider seeking the help of a professional resume writing service.

Final Words For Fixing Your Resume

The mentioned above were some of the common mistakes that people make on their resumes. Chances of getting hired for the dream job you desire to soar high when you learn how to fix these common resume mistakes and put them into practice. Apart from these, you do want to avoid using odd fonts, invalid email addresses, formatting, long paragraphs, and mentioning too much information when creating a resume.

A single resume won't work for every job you are applying for. Customize the resume to the best standard possible before applying for a job. Either leave the job to a professional resume writing service or keep these pointers always buzzing in your brain while drafting a resume.


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