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How To Pick Keywords That Will Get Your Resume Past The ATS?

Keywords on resumes are expressions, phrases, or words that are related/relevant to the position you are applying for and describe the skills, experiences, or traits required for the job. One of the best resume writing services explains that the applicant tracking system (ATS) software's job is to determine if specific requirements for an open position are being met by scanning the resume for keywords.

The hiring manager or recruiter gives input to the ATS regarding a specific set of expressions, and the program churns out a number of resumes that mention that specific resume keyword(s).

According to top resume writers, giving priority to resume keywords is essential while creating a resume because the ATS system is highly proficient.

Let's find out how to pick resume keywords that'll secure you an interview.

How Does The ATS Software Screens Resume?

The ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is used as recruitment software by almost every company nowadays. It reduces the time needed to gather, process, scan, and rank candidates according to their job applications. Resumes that don't contain requisite skills, experiences, and qualifications get thrown out within a few seconds of reaching the program. This means that if your resume is not up to the mark, and does not contain keywords and expressions required for the job, then you won't be able to secure an interview.

The ATS screen process enables recruiters to review thousands of resumes in a matter of seconds, so it is a convenient solution for them. In this way, they can easily identify and focus on the strong candidates who are worthy of their time.

The Best Tips For Using Resume Keywords For ATS

It is essential that you defeat the applicant tracking system in the first phase of the hiring process. But how? By making use of resume keywords. In the hiring process, the hiring manager will definitely pay attention to this requirement.

Keyword type, usage, and location all play an important role in how well you rank. Here are some of the best tips that resume services guarantee will get you the interview slot you desire.

Analyzing The Job Description

Go through the job description, including skills required, qualifications, experiences, and more. Highlight the same, and then you can figure out that the most important resume keywords actually come from the job listing itself. Make sure you get the company name and the job title correct.

Finding And Choosing The Right Keywords

The ATS software hunts for a specific match by comparing the content of your resume to keyword searches initiated by the employer. Therefore, figuring out specific keywords is essential. Begin by tailoring your resume according to the job description.

Pay close attention to numbers, abbreviations, plural words, and other small details, and replicate the same in your resume. Not only the job description but resume services say industry-related keywords also play a critical role in this area.

Importance Of Critical Industry-Related Resume Keywords

Identify what's important to the employer and the open position that you are applying for. In other words, identify what's important to the industry your job title falls under.

For instance, if you are applying for the role of Business Manager in a company, you will notice that even though the essential keywords are included in the listing, you still have to include some more industry-related ones to emphasize your skills, achievements, education, and experience, especially in the right sections.

A Business Manager has to have experience in marketing, product management, and strategy. He also has to be a team player and know the basics of profit and loss, pricing, business planning, and more.

Resume Sections Should Incorporate ATS Keywords

While creating the resume, give proper common resume headlines for each section. This way, it is easier for the system as well as the human eye to figure out which section talks about what.

Also, make sure you include the right keywords under relevant sections in the resume. You can not include your technical skills for a job under the same heading as soft skills or key skills. Create a separate heading for the same.

Optimize Your Skills And Qualification Section To Appropriate Expressions

By including a skills and qualifications section on your resume, you can highlight skills and academic accomplishments that you cannot incorporate into other parts of the document.

Your ATS keywords must make sense when written under these sections. Putting them anywhere you think they'll work and then hoping for the best won't work. The ATS software is more intelligent than that.

It's important not to just write to beat the robots. Your resume must also be tailored for the human eye, as in the hiring managers at specific companies and positions.

Customize Your Resume For Every Specific Job

Applicant tracking systems primarily weed out generic resumes and will usually screen them out first. Make sure you customize each resume based on the organization and job you are targeting. Also, ensure to use as many keywords and phrases from the job listing as you can without sounding forced or making the document look over-optimized.

Keeping Format Simple

In the resume, use plain text Word documents work best since automated systems can easily digest them. The format of PDFs may become messed up when the ATS software processes them. It's a waste of time and effort. To keep it simple, use font size 11 points, choose a simple font style and leave all margins one inch wide.

Avoid Fancy Graphics That Can Deter Focus

Contrary to what one might initially think, fancy graphics like tables, images, and charts may not look very attractive. Maintaining the readability of the document should be a priority. Overly complex graphics may detract from the simplicity of a document. Words will do just fine - especially if they are incorporated with powerful expressions and verbs that highlight your achievements, skills, and qualifications.

Proofread your resume and make necessary edits accordingly before sending it. Check abbreviations, spellings, and small grammatical and punctuation errors that may escape your notice while you are drafting the resume. A flaw negligible to the human eye can be caught by the ATS. And that alone might send your application to fail within the first few seconds.

For best results, get your job application crafted by a professional resume writing company This way, you not only decrease the chances of any errors setting you back, but you also increase the likelihood of being hired for an open position.


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