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Why Hire A Local Resume Writing Service in Arizona

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Are you considering hiring a local professional resume writing company near you? Or, are you someone who is contemplating paying an online only resume writing company that’s located in a different state or country? Before deciding, you should consider the difference between hiring a local resume agency who has commercial offices versus an online only resume writing firm.

We would strongly advise against hiring a remote writer that has no commercial offices, and we recommend you seek out local resume writing companies.

professional resume writers in AZ

Here’s a few reasons why:

Local Professional Resume Services Have Better Knowledge Of The Local Job Market

Unless you’re looking to get employed in another country, or another continent, you should always look for local resume writing companies because they have a better, more thorough knowledge of the local job market. Who’s hiring, which positions are best paid, and which are in demand, those are just some of the valuable information a resume writing agency can give you. Some will argue that such information is available online, but we believe such online data is often incomplete and outdated, thus irrelevant.

Choosing The Right Resume Format

Local resume writing services will also know, from first-hand experience, which types of resume formats work best in which industries and / or specific companies. Looking at their previous written resumes, they can draw powerful insights on which ones worked better in which industry, and use that information to craft the ultimate resume for you. That information, which can be the deciding factor between getting hired or not, is not something that’s available to a remote company or a freelancer.

Local Resume Companies Makes It Easier To Organize Interviews

Besides writing resumes, cover letters, thank you letters and LinkedIn profiles, a high-quality resume writing company will also prepare its clients for interviews, through a series of training's. As job interviews are usually done in person, a resume writing company can prepare you for the event, and draw your attention to the little nuances that make the difference, like dressing, or non-verbal communication, which can’t be analyzed through a video call.

Resume Mills Cut Corners And Quality

The biggest, and probably only advantage, of remote resume writing companies is that they might be somewhat cheaper. It also makes for a tempting offer, because many job seekers are looking to save as much money as possible. They often go for the lowest bidder and end up with a resume mill, which produces a poorly written resume.

What Is A Resume Mills?

So what are resume writing mills and what's the difference? A resume mill is just like any other mill – a company (or a group, an individual), which lowers the price of its services as much as possible, and earns a living by taking up as much volume as possible. Online resume mills are known for producing quantity, not quality. By rushing to get as many resumes out as possible in a day, resume mills sacrifice quality. If you were wondering should you hire a resume mill to get a cheap resume, we would not recommend it.

Resume mills are a poor choice for any job hunter. They will probably end up with a resume built on a template, with only the basic information changed. It will not help the job seeker stand out of the crowd in any way. It is a waste of money and a very poor investment.

Benefits Of Hiring A Local Resume Company

One last question to ask yourself is, “is it better to hire a local resume writer or an online resume company?” A resume, just like any other quality product, requires time, preparation and a flawless execution. Those things don’t come cheap, and you should not look for the cheapest solution.

Look for local resume writers in Arizona such as DoMyResume.NET, certified resume writers, with a proven record and happy customers. Many great resume writing companies will guarantee you a job interview invitation, or your money back. Remember – you get what you pay for. Don’t sell yourself short, the hiring managers will be the first to notice.

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