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Who Should Have An Infographic Resume?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Nowadays, infographic resumes are quite trendy. They’re considered a modern take on the traditional job marketing document. They’re seen as cool, hip, fun – something the younger workforce should do if it wants to stand out, be noticed, and be acknowledged. You probably saw an article or two about some guy, or some girl, that created this cool infographic resume and now has his / her inbox flooded with job offers.

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Sure, infographic resumes can grab the hiring manager’s eye. But that’s not the rule, and it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. So, is this approach really for you? Here we will discuss who should have an infographic resume, who would be better off avoiding it, and how to hire a professional infographic resume writing service in Phoenix AZ.

Advantages Of An Infographic Resume

The advantages of the infographic resume can be placed in two major categories:

  1. They allow hiring managers to consume information about the candidate very fast

  2. They allow candidates to demonstrate their creativity and skill from the very start

Infographic resumes allow for visual storytelling. That makes it very easy for hiring managers to consume the information about the candidate and form an opinion if he / she has the necessary skill set to be hired.

Being different, and not following a certain pattern (as traditional resumes usually do) allows candidates to demonstrate their creativity in the resume itself. If creativity is what the hiring managers are looking for, this can be a major plus.

When To Use An Infographic Resume?

If you’re applying for a creative position, you should definitely consider it. Infographic resumes for graphic designers, web designers or video producers allow them to show their creativity, versatility and skill set, all while standing out in a sea of similar resumes. Photographers, animators, concept artists creative directors in marketing and PR agencies, those are the types of positions where an infographic resume can actually help you land the job.

If your position is quantifiable (for example, a salesperson) you can also go for an infographic resume. Smaller companies and Millennial-run start-ups will also accept them. Larger companies, however, probably won’t.

When You Should Never Use An Infographic Resume?

Larger companies usually employ what’s known as an ATS – or Applicant Tracking Software system. That is a computer software that scans incoming resumes for various parameters, and discards those it finds unsuitable. Even though these parameters can vary, depending on the hiring manager’s input, there are a few things in common for all companies and their ATS systems.

  1. They don’t accept resumes in various formats. A .docx is usually the only file format accepted. Sometimes, a .pdf can work as well, which is something the company will highlight in the job ad.

  2. They don’t accept visuals. An ATS works by scanning incoming resumes and cover letters for keywords and essential key phrases, set up by the hiring managers. If it doesn’t find them, it will most likely discard the resume. The company’s software filtration systems cannot read infographic resumes – so don’t use an infographic resume if the company employs a software system that scans resumes as it can’t read infographic resumes.

If the company you’re applying at employs an ATS, sending an infographic resume might result in it being discarded before ever reaching human hands. In that case, the resume defeats its purpose of being a tool for increased visibility. If the role you’re applying for does not require the candidate to be particularly creative, sending such a resume will probably do nothing for you.

On the other hand, if you are uncertain if such a document would make it into human hands, and into hands that would value your approach, you might want to consider consulting a local and highly rated professional infographic resume writing company in Phoenix AZ. After all, a professional’s opinion is worth more than a few pie charts on a .jpg file.

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