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Difference Between A Roles Based Vs Achievement Based Resume?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Choosing the best type of resume when applying for a job is one of the first obstacles you face. Your resume is what sells you to hiring managers.

that can create a stunning resume that impresses hiring managers is key to landing high paying job interviews. But how to know which one is the right one for you?

In this article we share the secret of some of the best rated resume writing professionals in Mesa Arizona to help you understand the difference between a roles based resume versus achievement based resume.

Arizona Best Resume Companies

Why Are Hiring Managers Sick & Tired Of Reading A Roles Based Resume?

Gone are the days when roles based resumes were acceptable and welcomed by hiring managers. Times change and so do hiring managers’ requirements. It is great to have impeccable employment history- qualifications, set of various skills, years of experience in various jobs and responsibilities.

It tells a lot about you as a professional, but focusing only on the job positions, roles and skills hiring managers cannot see your results and outcome of your performance.

What they crave for is numbers, examples of how you used your skills and knowledge to help your company grow. Your skills and qualifications are impressive, but it doesn’t tell them how effectively you used them. And that’s what they want, the results of your actions in order to see if you are the perfect candidate they’re looking for.

What Is An Example Of A Roles Based Resume?

Roles based resumes include your work history, focusing on listing the companies, jobs, your roles, responsibilities and skills. It takes less time to tailor such kind of a resume, as it is not a job specific resume and you can send it to various companies for different job positions, as long as you meet the requirements.

In this kind of resume, you do not focus on your achievements; you do not list the results of your actions, projects. It is difficult to see how capable you are of performing a job. A roles based resume works well for graduate students and those entering the workforce, with little work experience, or those seeking the change of career.

Why Does Achievement Based Resume Land More Interviews?

As hiring managers grow more demanding, they have tough work to do as well, out of so many applicants, they must choose the one that meets their needs.

Once they check a resume, they not only want to see your qualifications, skills, roles and responsibilities you had in the previous companies, but they want to see you on-spot. To tell them about your performance and its effectiveness, you have to provide examples for your roles and achievements.

List your roles and responsibilities, but provide examples of how you handled those and steps you took to complete the tasks that brought benefit to your company. This way, they know what to expect from you and how you can deal with the tasks and responsibilities in their company and how you can help them grow.

What Information Is Included In An Achievement Based Resume?

When writing an achievement based resume, there are several things to be aware of:

  1. List of accomplishments: use bullet points to provide examples of saved money, increased revenue, enhanced productivity, coached or trained new staff members, contributed on team projects, identified problems and solved them.

  2. Expand achievements: thinks about the situation or problem you faced. What did you do to solve it? What was the result?

  3. Numbers: add them to your resume. If you increased company revenue, add numbers that tell by how much you increased the revenue.

  4. Highlight your accomplishments: include the recognition's and awards you received.

Should Everyone Have An Achievement Based Resume?

It is difficult to have an achievement based resume for those who have little to no work experience or those who are considering a change in their career. If you are in such a situation, or your work experience is not much related to the job position you apply for, it’s better to focus your resume on the skills and qualifications and other relevant information for the job.

Get help from best Gilbert Arizona rated resume writing services to help you choose the best type of a resume you need for your job in order to increase your chances for an interview landing and employment.

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