13 Things You Should Never List On Your Resume

So you plan to pursue your dream job but debating on whether you should hire a quality-producing Professional Resume Writing Service to write your resume. What was normal to do in the past, may not be the normal thing to do today. DoMyResume.NET is the lowest costing resume company in Arizona and the highest positive customer rated! Here are 13 things you should always leave out of your resume: Do NOT Include Personal Data: While it was standard in the past to include as much personal data as possible, it is now not advisable for you to do that today’s current market. A professional resume writing service will shy away from including your personal information as it is not the basis of your

What's The Difference Between Good vs Great Resumes?

Why you’re not getting invitations for interviews for most of the job positions that you’ve applied to? Does your resume stand out from the rest of other resumes? Well, if you’ve been applying for jobs, and you’re not being considered for an interview, then there can only be one conclusion to make: your resume is good, but not GREAT! Hire a top rated, professional resume writing service such as DoMyResume.NET. Here is the shocking fact that you should always remember: No matter how experienced you are and the strong skills that you have, you may not land that job without nailing an interview with your hiring manager. Since your resume is your first selling point to your prospective employe

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