Who Is Do My Resume.NET?

Do My Resume.NET is a Certified Professional Resume Writing Company in Arizona. Our mission is to help unemployed and underemployed job seekers land interviews all the way up to getting hired. An Overview of Who We Are: Founded in 2006, our company is now one of most trusted and respected resume writing business across the state of Arizona. We have offices in Phoenix, Arizona, Scottsdale, Arizona, Tempe, Arizona, Mesa, Arizona and Gilbert, Arizona. Our company is consisted of high caliber professionals that have a minimum of 8 years experience in the resume writing business. These professional resume writers are proud to hold their Certified Professional Resume Writing (CPRW) license iss

Should I Hire a Resume Writer to Write My Cover Letter?

If you want to stay ahead of the thousands of job applicants competing for high-paying jobs in corporate America, yes, you absolutely need to hire an expert cover letter writer to write you a high- caliber cover letter. Speaking of cover letters, here is what our expert resume writers are always telling our clients: “Remember that not only is the recruitment officers and hiring managers reading your cover letter, but corporate level executives too. So your cover letter has to be extremely impressive all the time.” Did they just say “corporate executives”? Yes. You cannot just impress them with a well-decorated resume. Yes, they will check the university where you graduated from. They wil

Why Should I Hire a Certified Professional Resume Writing Company?

Sometimes getting a good job with great pay and amazing benefits is really hard. But a professionally written resume can change that. Professionally written resumes create better opportunities for each job seeker. Here's how it helps. Employers will be impressed and interested with all the details of a powerfully written resume highlights. What makes a professionally written resume stand out from the crowd? For example: John is spending a lot of time and money searching for jobs. He has a badly written resume and can't land interviews. So he hires a certified professional resume writing company, Do My Resume.NET. John now starts submitting his new and professionally written resume to comp

How Does Software Systems Affect My Resume?

An applicant tracking system is a software system that helps companies single out potential employees. It is pretty much a software program that is made to automate the hiring process. Making recruitment much easier for companies. For example: Sally goes online and submits he resume. She uploads her resume to the job posting. Sally may not realize it, but her resume goes straight to the applicant tracking system. The applicant tracking system scans Sally's resume. If Sally resume passes the software system scan, her resume may go to the hiring manager. What Happens If A Resume Fails The Applicant Tracking System Software? If the resume fails the software system scan, it will go to the tras

Are Cover Letters Really That Important Anymore?

A recent post from the University of Kent’s showed that according to a recent survey, 43% of employers expected candidates to submit a cover letter for each job position. From this survey alone, the answer is a staggering “Yes, you need a Cover Letter”. Job seekers who have hired a high-quality producing professional resume writing service, are landing more interviews than those who write their resumes themselves, or turn to cheap online resume mills. Cover Letters Also Get Scanned By Companies Software Filters! Even if a Hiring Manager does not require that you submit a cover letter, submit a cover letter anyways! The more documents you upload and submit online, the more content Applicant

Why Am I Not Getting Called In for Interviews?

Lies and mistakes in your professional resume as well as cover letter is the number one defiance you should never commit on your job search. If you send your resume and cover letter via email with a horrifying introduction of yourself in your cover letter, don’t ever expect to receive a call back from the hiring manager in a week or even a month. Those electronic messages and files were already thrown in the recycle bin and there is no way they will ever be revived – ever. Your journey for that job application ends there – period. Mistakes You Just Don’t Know Are in Your Cover Letter: Here is what hiring manager say are the biggest mistakes and problems they see if most job-seekers cover

Why Can't I Land a Job?

When the economy is bad, jobs are rare to be found. One of the obvious reasons is that during these tough times, employers do not have enough capital to spend on hiring more employees. But when the economy is in good shape, job hiring is everywhere. Companies even tap into recruitment firms to head hunt for their next talented staff. However, if in the so-called “bull market” you still can’t land a job, obviously something is wrong, and it’s most likely because of a poorly written resume or cover letter. “Why can’t I land a job?” If this has been your question for months, time to divert on a perspective that works in today’s job application world. Find a professional resume writing serv

How To Pick The Best Resume Writing Company?

Trusting a Resume Writing Service with your career can be a bit scary. The Resume Service must be reliable, talented, and experts in your specific career field. If you pick the wrong resume service, you could lose out on that next job promotion or job position. Review Ratings: Research online and look for positive and negative reviews about the particular resume writing business. Look at Google, Yahoo, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see what reviews that company has on it. Find out what customers are saying about that resume service. Look to see what resume service is rated the best and find out what resume service is rated the worst. Reviews can tell you a lot about the

5 Of the Most Difficult Questions Asked In an Interview

At one point in any person’s life, he or she has been subjected to the pressure and stress involved in an employment interview. It doesn’t matter whether you think you are qualified or suited for the job, there will always be bouts of anxiety and worrisome days leading up to the day of the interview. You want to do well, and you want to project your best image to the interviewer, so it’s normal for the pressure to mount. You prepare yourself, your mood, your clothes, your smile, but you can never fully prepare for the kinds of questions that may come your way. But it’s best to be prepared. Here are some of the most difficult questions one is bound to face in any interview, and how to prop

How Can A Resume Writing Company Help Land Job Interviews?

If you’re looking for a job or doing a career change, you will need an impressive resume and cover letter. It’s absolutely by far the most important documents needed to get called in for an interview. Most of the hiring managers or talent acquisition recruiters who are capable of hiring you, will go through many resumes and find the most qualified job seeker for the position. The most powerful and professional resume and cover letter that grabs their attention will be the person who they call in for an interview. The most unique and professional resumes are those written by highly skilled and talented certified professional resume writers at a resume writing company. Great Resumes Don’t

Should I Write My Own Resume Or Hire A Professional Resume Writer?

Jobs seekers usually say that the application process begins even before the interview. Above all else, your resume is the first thing that employers see -- it helps employers assess if you're the right candidate for the position. With a lot of applicants looking for jobs, your resume needs to catch the attention of your potential employers by standing out from the rest. This gives more pressure into having the best resume out there. However, a question pops up: should you write your own resume or hire a professional resume writer? What is a resume writer? A professional resume writer is one that is skilled and trained to write, edit, and create resumes. Most of all, resume writers have ex

How To Pick The Best and Most Talented Resume Writing Service?

Looking for the perfect job could be a resource-consuming task that can take up most of your day. In this day and age where time is extremely short, having a resume that stands out from the rest could mean the difference between a job interview and the trash can. Catching the attention of the hiring manager with a striking resume and a customized cover letter is the key to success. Industries have become more meticulous, checking grammar, spelling, and proper punctuation even for just an entry level job. Because of this, many career seekers have resorted to hiring a resume writing service that can assure a quality resume, up-to-date with the latest human resource trends. However, not all re

Is My Resume Preventing Me From Getting Called In For Interviews?

Even in an ever increasing digital age, the resume still shines as your passport to employment. This means that having a polished and sharp resume will net you interviews left and right. However, the opposite could happen when your resume is sloppy: you might not get called in for any interview. Here are tips on what to avoid in your resume: 1. Grammatical errors and typos In a competitive field where everyone is bringing their A-game, sloppiness is a no-no. A CareerBuilder survey found that 58 percent of employers who identified typos in a resume led them to automatically throw away the applicants resume. Because of the competitive and eager applicants out there, grammatical errors have no

Should I Use a Free Resume Building Software To Create My Resume Or Hire a Resume Service?

In a highly-competitive world, there is nowhere better to boast about your skills than on your own personalized resume. It is said that one should shy away from overly boasting about skills and achievements. However, the resume should be a place where all your skills and achievements are highlighted. As such, creating a well-honed resume should be at the top of any job-seekers to do list. This could mean the difference between getting that interview schedule or your resume meeting the trash bin. 3 Different Ways To Get a Resume: With the vast amount of resume resources and resume writing services out there, one needs to ask: How do I go about getting a resume? Write Your Own Resume: A lot

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Hiring A Professional Resume Writing Service?

Nowadays, perfection should be expected from job seekers. Aside from a more competitive sea of applicants, industry requirements are now stricter and more defined. Therefore, having a resume and cover letter that not only boasts about your skills and talents, but also targets the specific job that you want, is necessary to even get called in for an interview. Crafting a sharp and specific resume and cover letter could be hard work. However, it is a priority for any job hunter to create a killer resume before one even goes out and starts the job hunting process. For a chosen few, writing resumes is just a breeze. For many, it seems that they blank out when trying to make the perfect resume

What's The Difference Between Federal Resumes and Civilian Resumes?

A resume is said to be one of the most important job hunting tools. Without a resume, employers will never have a way to contact you, nor evaluate if you're the right person for the job. And now, in a very competitive market, having the best resume is a surefire way to get called in for an interview. One way to get a great resume is by having a highly established and reputable top notch professional resume writing service help you with your federal or civilian resume and cover letter. However, not all resumes are created equal. Some resumes are better than others. In some cases, some resumes may not even be accepted in the position you're applying for. For example, a Federal Resume: a

What Is A Federal Resume?

Having a federal job has many perks. There will always be a federal job suited for your interest and skill and the salaries can compete with the private and nonprofit sectors. You will also receive great benefits from federal employment like health care, paid time offs, retirement benefits, and job security. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to get a federal job. The hiring process requires patience and persistence. They often offer the jobs to those who are experienced and well trained with specific individual expertise. The Hiring Manager will base their judgement on the resume of each applicant so it’s very important to present a proper federal resume. The government often accepts a

What Are The Toughest Questions Employers Ask In An Interview?

Successfully passing a job interview is becoming more difficult and complex for job seekers. Employers are beginning to ask tough questions that require the right answer. Knowing how to answer these questions is necessary to get that dream job. Here are some commonly asked interview questions and how to answer them: 1. Why should we hire you? When asked, this is your time to brag. You can share your skills and abilities that are relevant to the job, as well as how you perfectly fit their criteria. This is also your chance to share your additional abilities and skills that could be useful to the company in the future. You can lure them in with your additional skills and abilities that co

What Important Keywords Should Be On My Resume?

A resume is your first ever interaction with your future employers. As such, you need to grab their attention right from the get go. A Forbes study reveals that recruiters take a look at your resume for 6.25 seconds to decide if you're fit for the job opening. Similarly, some hiring managers spend 30 seconds to two minutes scanning a resume before deciding. Either way, this is very short time if you want to impress someone with just a piece of paper. A workaround to get the most out of this time is to pack the right keywords in the resume to showcase your career experience. Hiring managers will want to see what you've accomplished and what knowledge you bring to their company. In genera

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